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Removing Mac index files on my X1000

One of my pet annoyances on the Apple Mac is the autocreation of thousands of ._blah index files for every file on your hard disk, cached by MacOS X.

How does this relate to my X1000? Well, when I copy my music and photos across from the Mac to the X1000 I end up with these really annoying files on my hard disk, which are not visible on a Mac but very visible on anything else.

These files get in the way when selecting a drawer for playing music in AmigaAmp or other music players, adding extra unusable files to my playlist when using the default filters. Also, these index files appear when selecting images for viewing and so on. I want them gone from my X1000!

Deleting them all individually is just not an option as there are thousands of them scattered in hundreds of drawers all over my hard disk!

But fortunately, help is at hand to solve this problem. Actually, thanks to some help from Severin (thanks mate) I have two ways that work under AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition, depending on whet…

Celebrating 5 Years of this blog!

Well, today it has now been 5 years exactly since I started working on this Amiga X1000 blog. Amazing that I have been writing so much and for so long about a true passion of mine!

For the past 5 years I have been focused on purchasing and getting the most out of my Amiga systems, whether that be Classic, Next Generation (NG), FPGA or emulation based.

I have looked at countless new Amiga software and hardware products introduced in that time and I am always amazed by the quality of what is produced, as well as the enthusiasm of the community to support these efforts and keep Amiga alive in 2017 and beyond!

The AmigaOne X1000 was the system that really rekindled my interest in things Amiga back in 2012, and following actively the developments of AmigaOS 4 and the latest developments in operating system, applications and games, and even beta testing software has been very satisfying for me personally.

This also logically rekindled my interest in Classic Amiga systems too which I had to …

FlowerPot AmigaOS4

Today I decided to take a look at the recently released Flower Pot (AmigaOS 4 simplified installation for Mac and Windows), from the creators of AmiKit X which I also looked at recently.

The big thing in the past few years of Amiga emulation has been the introduction of Phase 5 PPC accelerator support under WinUAE classic Amiga emulation (and FS-UAE under Mac/Linux). This has made it possible to run AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition Classic under Windows, Mac and Linux.

However, setting this up is not so easy to do yourself. I have covered in this blog manytimesinthepast about the installation of AmigaOS 4.1 Classic under Amiga Forever, WinUAE and FS-UAE, but it is still not the easiest thing to get up and running.

Flower Pot has been specifically created to make the process of setting up AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition Classic under emulation much simpler, to get people up and running quicker!

The payoff for this is that finally we can run AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition on a laptop and take it wherever…