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Icaros Desktop 2.2 and Classic Amiga upgrades

My apologies for the lack of blog posts recently. This has been due to a long personal illness, a death in the family involving travelling to Japan and also work being incredibly busy. Sorry for this but it was beyond my control!

But despite this I have not been idle with my Amigas and indeed have been busy doing work on Icaros Desktop 2.2 upgrade on my Acer AspireOne, Classic Amiga upgrades for my A1200, 2000 and 4000D, and even doing more work on my Amiga 4000T too!

Icaros Desktop 2.2 Xmas Special edition was released at Xmas 2016, and I finally got around to upgrading my Acer AspireOne to the latest version:

Installation was done via a burnt iso and attaching a USB DVD drive to the Acer AspireOne to boot off the CD to start the installation:

I have covered Icaros Desktop 2.0 installation on this machine on this blog here if you want to see more details. I also covered it's install in brief on a more normal PC here. The new version hasn't changed that much but is worth doing…