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Hollywood 7 on X1000

This week saw the release of the latest version of Hollywood 7 for AmigaOS 4! I quick bought it to give it a go on my X1000.

Last time I looked at Hollywood was back here, a few years ago!

Hollywood is a commercial programming/scripting language which allows programs to be developed cross platform that can be compiled to run under AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, AROS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and even Apple iOS and Google Android devices!

This program keeps getting better and better with more and more features added with each new release. The AMIStore client for AmigaOS 4 is an example of a Hollywood produced program, and of course Hollywood is capable of many other types of projects too.

As I already owned Hollywood 6.1, I qualified to purchase the cheaper upgrade option, and soon after  my purchase I received my keyfile and downloaded the installers for all the platforms I wanted to try it on, including Windows, MacOS X and linux.

Having said that, you don't actually need to do …

Computer Room 2017 reconfiguration

I thought today I would cover the recent computer room re-organisation I did back in January to try to make a little bit more room for more Amigas to be running :-)

I have but one room to fit all my computer stuff into, and unfortunately these days it is packed to the rafters with stuff...

Whole systems have to packed away most of the time as I just don't have the space to set them up...rotating them in means disconnecting something I want to have permanently setup, which is frustrating and stops me working on projects I would otherwise be doing.

Accessing my floppy disks (stored in a specially setup set of drawers, is also a pain, having to move furniture around to access them every time:

I am very jealous of people who have large rooms to put their computer stuff into and don't have these problems...anyway, it is what it is!

So I decided to buy another desk to somehow squeeze in here...I measured everything out and believed it would work. But of course it meant disconnecting…