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Upgrading the Amiga 1200 Part 3

Hello and welcome to Part 3 of my Amiga 1200 Upgrade series! Today I am working on upgrading the CF Card on the Amiga 1200, which involves a full data transfer from the existing 4GB card to a new 8GB card using the Amiga 4000T, and upgrade from ClassicWB to AmigaOS3.9 and AmiKit Real 8.1 too!

For those who may have missed them, the original A1200 arrival in October, Part 1 and Part 2 posts are here so you can catch up from the start and avoid me rehashing material already covered.
As you may recall in Part 2 I purchased a TrueIDE card (made by Individual Computers). At the time I was trying to work out how to connect floppy power connection to it given the use of the existing RapidRoad pass through floppy connector on the Amiga 1200 board.
I then hit problem number two - one I really should have thought through before buying it...the connection is 3.5 not 2.5, so it needs to be mounted on the left side of the 4 way IDE adapter on my Amiga 1200, which means it doesn't fit inside t…

Upgrading the Amiga 1200 Part 2

It is great to be working on my Amiga 1200 again this weekend! Today in Part 2 of the Amiga 1200 upgrade I am looking at the installation of Individual Computers ACA1233-55 (030-55Mhz accelerator) and the rather excellent Individual Computers Rapid Road USB clock port expansion, amongst other things!

For those who missed Part 1 and the earlier posts on this recently acquired Amiga 1200, please check here and here to catch up!

What can I say - I did some serious shopping! I bought a lot of stuff from and Individual Computers for projects on my Classic Amiga (not just the A1200) - more on those later on.

Today I focus on the A1200 projects. Here is the ACA1233-55 accelerator board, RTC (Real Time Clock battery) module for it, and TrueIDE for adding two CF cards to your Amiga 1200:

Some close up shots of the ACA1233-55. This board is only available directly from Individual Computers to my knowledge, which features an overclocked 68030 processor running at 55Mhz, with 128MB …