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RF to VGA out conversion on Amiga 600

Today I am looking at the conversion of the RF port on the Amiga 600 to a VGA out port, from the Indivision ECS!

First off though, I wanted to mention that today, four years ago, I started this blog! Hard to believe it has been 4 years and I am still regularly blogging about all things Amiga, Classic and Next Generation systems!

Thank you for reading along so far, and I hope you have enjoyed the blog posts and that they have inspired you in some way to continue to enjoy your Amiga systems in 2016 and beyond!

For those who have followed my blog closely you will know that my Amiga 600 was bought second hand in 2014, completely stock standard, and extensively upgraded since then.

I have covered every step of the Amiga 600 build process on this blog, including all the hardware upgrades, installing the system on CF card, and more too.

I have included the blog post links to this Amiga 600's story so far below in case you want to follow it's journey from the start - it also saves me …

Adelaide Retro Computing Meeting June 2016

Last night was our monthly Adelaide Retro Computing group meeting, with a theme of Retro console systems from prior to 2000. Of course naturally I brought my Amiga CD32 for a 2 player versus game competition for a prize on the night! We also saw some other very interesting and rare console systems on display!

Early on it was clear we were going to see some very interesting retro game consoles!

First up is some Playstation 1 development kit hardware and SDKs - even a PS-One with the optional attachable screen:

Casio PV-1000 anyone? Never seen one of these before!

This Japanese system also included a seriously different joystick controller:

Can't imagine that pressing the start and select button, or hitting the sliding Main/Attack functions in game would be easy!

Also present was this NEC PC-FX game console - I definitely had a game on this one!

Paul from RetroSpekt showing us how it's done on the PC-FX:

I decided to bring along a number of systems - an Amiga CD32, Intellivision…