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Amiga CD32 has arrived

I am excited to say I received my Amiga CD32 today in the post!

This machine needs no introduction to fans of the Amiga - this was Commodore's last ditch effort to save itself from bankruptcy. As history taught us, it was not successful...

Having said that, the Amiga CD32 was an interesting machine, and a worthy successor to the CDTV system. It had on 68020 processor, AGA support and a new Akiko chip. Essentially an Amiga 1200 with a CD drive and a Akiko chip!

I used to have an Amiga CD32 in the mid 2000's and collected plenty of original CD32 games for it while people were keen to get rid of them and before they got expensive.

However the Amiga CD32 suddenly stopped working in 2012 (refused to power on) and so I had to shelve all my CD32 stuff and wait for another working system to come up.

Unfortunately most of the CD32's for sale are NTSC ones, which are no use to me here in Australia as the games are all PAL.

Patience is a virtue, and finally in 2016 I could secure a P…

Multiple CDTV Upgrades

This weekend I decided to focus on doing a couple of upgrades to my CDTV. This included adding Joystick and mouse support, 8MB fast memory, Workbench 3.1 extended CDTV ROMS, SCSI hard disk support and another go at the AztecMonster SCSI to CF Card converter too!

I have previously covered my CDTV in this blog here, the gotek setup here, and also my last attempt at trying to get the AztecMonster SCSI hard disk working on the CDTV here for some catch up reading!

I also showed this system at the most recent Adelaide Retro Computing meeting in April 2016 here.

What can I say - I did some shopping! I bought an Extended CDTV ROM set, Workbench 3.1 ROMS, and 8MB fast memory expansion for the CDTV (wow, rare!), and Joystick and Mouse port converter for the CDTV (which allows normal Amiga joysticks and mice to be used on the CDTV)

Close up of the CDTV extended roms (with Amiga Forever rom license) and the 8MB fast memory expansion board - both bought new from Ebay.

The Joystick and Mouse conver…