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AmiKit 8.1 Real on Amiga 4000T - Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1 here, I am installing AmiKit 8.1 Real on my Amiga 4000T. I am pleased to report I have made some great progress overnight and now running AmiKit 8.5 Real!

Where I left this in Part 1, I had just got AmiKit 8.1 Real installed and booting on the Amiga 4000T. Please go back and review Part 1 first if you haven't read it yet as I am just continuing onwards from that post.

I have a Mediator 4000T PCI bridgeboard installed on this Amiga 4000T, which means I need to install the drivers for it and the various PCI cards I have installed - Voodoo3 gfx card, SoundBlaster 128 PCI, Realtek 8029 PCI card, etc.

It was at this point that I realised to my pleasant surprise that Poseidon USB drivers where all installed, and my Deneb USB was working without me having to do anything! USB sticks and USB drives working. Fantastic!

I installed Picasso96 from the AmigaOS 3.9 CD as it is needed for the Voodoo3 card to work. There are instructions on the Mediator CD that explain t…

AmiKit 8.1 Real on Amiga 4000T - Part 1

This weekend I decided to tackle a project I have wanted to do but put off for some time - installing  AmiKit 8.1 Real on my Amiga 4000T!

I also noticed this is my 200th blog post! :-)

After a lot of thought about the current situation with NG Amigas in 2016, I made the decision this past week to give them a rest and go back and enjoy my Classic Amigas for a while.

To that end I put away all of the NG Amiga systems, and setup my Amiga 4000T as the primary machine, for the first time in many years.

I have covered my Amiga 4000T in some detail in this blog here and how to setup Indivision AGA MK2 optimally, so I won't explain too much more about the machine itself except to cover it's specs:

Amiga 4000T with 68060 Cyberstorm Accelerator
127GB IDE HD connected to Buddha IDE Zorro Card
A4000T PCI bridgeboard
Indivision AGA mkII DVI A4000T compatible (Scandoubled)
Voodoo3 PCI graphics card (RTG)
Deneb USB zorro card
PCI RTL8029 Network card
PCI AC97 compliant sound card wi…