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Amiga30 stuff and Cannonball on X1000!

Short blog post today, but I am glad to say that my Amiga30 Kickstarter supporter stuff arrived in the post today from the USA. :-)

I realise that the Amiga30 show was some time ago - July in fact!

But the organisers have been really very busy since the show, and so have recently started posting out the Kickstarter supporter gifts, which were a gift for my financial contribution to support the Amiga30 show.

I was unable to attend as I was in Japan at the same time, but I was very happy to support the show and it was clearly an amazing event from the many show reports and photos!

Tonight I quickly changed the poster on my wall from the CANDI poster I got from AmiWest 2014 last year to the new Amiga30 poster I got today - it looks great! :-)

Very pleased to say the t-shirt fits perfectly!

Still deciding what to do with the Amiga30 stickers. The Amiga30 booklet was quite interesting to read - my name was listed in the supporters list too! :-)

My thanks to tekmage (Bill Bosari) for sendin…