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Amiga 1000 Comspec 2MB AX2000 with Kickstart 2.0 Beta

I finally received my 2MB Comspec AX2000 expansion module for my Amiga 1000 from Canada this week. I was very keen to try it out, and to finally try to run Workbench 2.0 on my Amiga 1000 with it!

The Comspec 2MB expansion module came with a utilities disk and a Workbench 1.1 disk:

The module also has a passthrough expansion connector, allowing me to connect other expansions to the Amiga 1000 without having to remove the memory expansion to do it - I plan to make good use of this feature later on:

I was surprised to see this was Made in Canada:

It was a bit fiddly to install since I run the Gotek floppy cable through the expansion slot also, but I managed to get it installed on the Amiga 1000:

Another look, showing the Gotek on top:

After booting the Kickstart 1.3 and Workbench 1.3 off the Gotek, I get the Workbench screen and the extra memory is now there:

I now have 2.5MB memory - I put in the Comspec AX2000 utilities disk into my external Amiga 1010 floppy drive to run the memory te…

My X1000 sent to AmigaKit and MorphOS temp replacement

A quick update that after some working with the AmigaKit techs last week on troubleshooting, it has been determined that my AmigaOne X1000 board cannot be fixed here - it looks like a power issue possibly caused by the brief power outage while flashing the CFE but can't be sure yet.

It has now been sent back to AmigaKit in the UK for further analysis - hopefully the problem can be identified and fixed - I really want my X1000 back and working!

When pulling apart my X1000 to prepare the motherboard for shipping I took some photos of the board itself which I thought might be of interest:

Rear of the X1000 board:

Finally is a close up of the Varisys logo (they manufactured the X1000 board), with some signatures below that - like on the Amiga 1000 case (not sure who's signatures though!). There is also the "Keep this party going" B-52's reference, in line with all the original Classic Amiga motherboards having B-52's song titles on them too:

I am hopeful that the…

X1000 Troubleshooting and Repair Part 1

As covered previously, I am having big problems with my X1000 after a Flash upgrade - it no longer boots. I thought it might be helpful today to explain a little more about what I was trying to do and what happened, and the troubleshooting steps I did so far, as it may be of assistance to other X1000 owners when troubleshooting their machines in future.

I purchased a brand new Sapphire R9 270X with 4GB memory to run on AmigaOS4.1 Final Edition on the X1000 with the new Warp3D and updated Radeon HD 2.7 drivers. (click on any images to expand)

Here it is, installed in my X1000:

It is a large graphics card, needing two slots and two PCI-E power plugs to work:

On power on the X1000 Boot screen appears - because I have only one graphics card installed and not two, the boing ball is red rather than blue:

The new card booted into Ubuntu Remix on my X1000 fine, no issues. I also put it into my Core I7 PC and confirmed it works perfectly in Windows 7 displaying up to 2560x1600 on my 30" …

My X1000 no longer works

Sad to say today I lost my X1000 trying to get a Radeon R9 270X working on it with the new Warp3D and Radeon HD drivers.

To save typing I covered my issues on the Hyperion support forum here:

After updating the CFE bios (shown in the photo above) the X1000 is now totally bricked. I followed the instructions from A-eon to  flash the CFE to the letter (I have done it before) but the rom signature didn't match - I tried redoing the process 10 times with the same result. Then the power dropped out.

I then set the rescue jumper for CFE, but it doesn't let me boot the X1000 into backup CFE to fix the normal mode CFE for some reason. The system is now completely non-functional.

I feel completely stupid for trying steps I knew I didn't need to do - the CFE was the latest version anyway in my opinion, but was suggested that the CFE might have been bug fixed to fix a problem preventing the R9 270x from worki…