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AMIcast Podcast Episode 2

I was invited to participate as a guest on the recently launched English language version of the AMIcast Podcast, hosted and produced each month by Radzik.

I was very glad to participate in the podcast - a first for me - and talk about all things Amiga - both Classic and Next Gen. It was a lot of fun!

Radzik is making a great effort to make these podcasts in English and I look forward to listening to future podcasts!

You can subscribe to the AMIcast Podcast in iTunes on the Mac, Podcast app on iphone/ipad, or just listen online directly.

The podcast episode I am in is below (Episode 2), with download links including some of my music made around when I was part of the Amiga demo scene many years ago.

I apologise in advance for the music if it is not your taste!

The main website for AMIcast is here too:

I hope you enjoy this Podcast and listen to the future ones to come!

AmigaOS 4.1 Web Browsers in 2015 on X1000

Today I wanted to take a closer look at the Web Browsers available for AmigaOS4.1 in 2015, using my AmigaOne X1000.

I will take a look at:

Odyssey 1.23r3 (successor to OWB originally included in AmigaOS4.1) IBrowse 2.4 (included in AmigaOS4.1) NetSurf 3.3 Timberwolf 4.01 (port of Firefox for AmigaOS4.1).

I should warn this article is quite image heavy. As a reminder, all images can be clicked on to enlarge them.
There has been a lot of development of Web Browsers on AmigaOS4.1 in recent years and I hope this will show just how much things have moved on in the past few years, thanks to the hard work of developers committed to improving web browsing on AmigaOS4.1.
The newest of these web browsers is NetSurf, with the latest v3.3 released this month (available on here). Unlike the other browsers it includes a nice standard Installer too:

You do need to create a folder for NetSurf manually though, as the installer does not create folder for you for some reason - I put it in SY…