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Looking back at 2014 on Amiga

With December now upon us and Xmas coming soon, it is that time of year again when I take a look back on the major happenings in 2014 in Amiga land. There has been a lot happening!

My AmigaOne X1000 with Ducky Zero custom Amiga keyboard and two Radeon HD cards running AmigaOS4.1.6 and DOpus 5.9
Amiga hardware

On the Amiga hardware front in 2014 we saw the new A-EON AmigaOne X5000 released to Beta testers, and demonstrated at AmiWest 2014.

Tekmage's AmigaOne X5000 on display at AmiWest 2014
AmigaOne X5000 system board up close
In addition there was also the announcement at AmiWest 2014 of a new ACube Sam 460CR (Cost Reduced) system running AmigaOS 4.1.6 to be released soon. The plan seems to be to release a cheaper Next Generation Amiga system for those unable to afford an X1000 or Sam460ex system.

Loriano "The Daddy" Pagni also released a small run of specially customised Ducky Zero mechanical keyboards with Amiga keys in 2014.

Ducky Zero keyboard with Amiga keys on AmigaOne…