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E-UAE JIT Beta 5 with RunInUAE Beta 3 on X1000

Exciting for me is the release of the E-UAE JIT Beta 5 (Feature complete) with the updated RunInUAE Beta to use it on my X1000.

Finally I can run Amiga AGA demos up to the current year at full speed on the X1000! Great stuff!

Update 12/1/2015: V1.00 of the E-UAE JIT has now been released. You can get it from here.

You can download RunInUAE Beta 3 including the UAE JIT Beta 5 from here. This is the Amigans forum dedicated to discussions about it - . 
There is an installer for the RunInUAE in the archive to get things up and running. It erroneously prompted for an Amiga Appz: assign which I mounted to the extracted archive folder and the install then proceeded as normal. 
Here is the readme for the new RunInUAE Beta which explains the addition of the new UAE JIT Beta 5:

Here is the resulting Emulation Folder after installation, which includes the new E-UAE JIT Beta folder and my custom Emulation folders I creat…

Icaros Desktop 2 - Internet, IndieGo App Store and Amibridge!

Following on from my initial installation blog entry for the recently released Icaros Desktop 2.0 on my Acer AspireOne ZG5, I had a bit more of a play with it this weekend also.

I got my network settings sorted out, with Wireless now working after adding the Atheros 5000 driver to the network settings and defining the Wireless Access Point SSID to connect to, so next I tried out web browsing using the OWB web browser included with Icaros Desktop 2.0:

OWB version information:

Browsing the forums - some Australian guy introducing himself :-)

I then tried out viewing some PDF viewing of old Amiga Computing PDF magazines, playing back music using the included Harmony Player:

Since my internet access was now working from my Icaros Desktop 2.0 setup on the Acer AspireOne ZG5, I decided to have a quick look at the IndieGo! App store.

I should preface this part by saying that this software is still very much in development, and as such still has a few rough edges to iron out.