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Prepping for AmiWest 2014 Part 1

At the moment my focus Amiga-wise is prepping the NG Amiga hardware I am taking to AmiWest 2014 (Sacramento, California) as an exhibitor!

It has been a difficult time of late, with grief of a death in the family filling my spare time, when not working, which has also been hectic. Sorry for the delay in posting to this X1000 blog.

I have managed to squeeze some Amiga related things in (Classic Amiga) and a little IRC chat during this month, and have been updating the Classic Amiga blog regularly, but haven't really done a lot with the X1000 of late.

My attention has been drawn to the diversion of running Amiga OS4.1 Classic on WinUAE, also detailed in my Classic Amiga blog.

I am waiting for my new X1000 Amiga keyboard from Loriano, which is in progress as I type this, waiting for the final key to arrive and be installed before it is shipped to me! Pictures to come when I have received it and have it up and running on the X1000!

As I said, I am prepping the NG Amiga hardware I am t…