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Amiga 600 CF AmigaOS Setup Part 3

Sorry for the delay in blog entries but I have been quite ill at home for the last few weeks. Anyway, enough of that - let's continue the build of the Amiga 600 CF Card AmigaOS3.1!

If you haven't been following along with the build, I suggest reading Part 1 and Part 2 first, as this Part 3 continues straight on from Part 2.

Next up I wanted to install DiskImageGUI, which allows you to mount ADF, IDF, DMS and ISO images as virtual drives on AmigaOS3.1. Other formats are supported too.

To use DiskImageGUI we have to install a few other programs first, namely AISS4.12, expat.library, IPF capsimage.device, screennotify.library and titlebar_ic - except for capsimage.device (which you download from here), the rest can be downloaded from I also took the opportunity while on Aminet to get mpega.library, needed for mp3 playback:

Here is the titlebar_ic installer:

for the screen notify library, we need to copy it to System:libs (LIBS:) - which I did from Dopus5.9 (availa…

DOpus 5.9 Toolbar icons on X1000

One of the interesting things I came across in the forums recently was people wondering what the titlebar icons in Directory Opus 5.9 listers are used for on the X1000.

Unlike a traditional MUI based application, DOpus 5.9 doesn't have tool tips that appear when you hover over the icons to tell you what they do!

So I thought I would cover this off today and explain what each of the icons do! Hopefully this of help to people!

To start with, a tip I learnt recently in DOpus 5.9 is that if you hold down the shift key while double clicking on a program in the lister view, it will automatically launch the programs associated icon! This means you don't have to change the default DOpus lister view from name to icon view every time you want to run a program with an icon!

Okay, now back to the toolbar icons!

Here are the 16 toolbar icons at the top of every DOpus 5.9 lister:

If we start from left to right, these icons do the following:

Lists all the active Devices and active Assigns in …